Reasons To Consider A Ceiling Lift In Your Home Remodel

You’ve probably heard about people getting lifts, but did you know that you can give your home a lift? Ceiling lifts are a great way to make over the interior of your home, giving it a completely new look and creating a more open feel in the room. Here are a few reasons people consider getting ceiling lifts when they do remodeling in.

Breathing Room

Rooms with ceilings lower than 8 feet can often feel cramped. Taller individuals may even feel the instinct to duck under your ceiling if they’re too low. Lower ceilings just make a room feel darker and smaller. By raising your ceiling, you can make the room feel larger and more open without adding any actual square footage to the room.

Resale Value

Because rooms with high ceilings feel more open, they are highly valued among home buyers. People will pay a lot more to get vaulted ceilings in the right rooms. Raise your ceilings, and you raise your home’s value. While you may not recoup all the costs of the ceiling lift, you will certainly make back a portion of some of the money spent; plus, you’ll get to enjoy your vaulted ceilings while you’re still in the home.

Lighten Up

Raising the ceiling in a room gives you more available wall space, which allows you to add more windows to the room. High windows let a lot more sunlight in, so your lifted ceiling will help make your rooms feel brighter, roomier, and more cheerful. Who doesn’t want that kind of feeling in a home?

Cheaper Than You Think

Raising your ceiling may sound like an expensive project with lots of construction involved, but depending on your type of ceiling, it can actually be a cheap, simple project. Ideally, your home will have a dropped ceiling; these aren’t uncommon in older homes, as former owners may have wanted to reduce heating costs by lowering the ceiling. With a dropped ceiling, it is simple enough to remove the drop and expose the higher ceiling, opening up your room significantly. Some people even do this as a DIY project with much success.

If you don’t have a dropped ceiling, but you have an attic space, it can still be fairly simple and inexpensive to lift your ceiling. It involves altering the joists of your current ceiling, but because the attic joists provide most of the structural support for your home, it doesn’t require as much construction. Still, you’ll want a professional on the project.

Add Character

Lifting a ceiling doesn’t always mean just raising the height of the entire room. There are actually many design options for ceilings that can add character and beauty to a room:

  • Tray ceilings: This type of ceiling has a lower portion around the sides with a raised portion in the center. There are a lot of options with design as to shape and depth, so you can find the look that works best for you. This is a great design to get a classic Victorian look in your home, as tray ceilings were popular in this era.
  • Exposed beams: A vaulted ceiling with exposed beams gives a room a rustic, country feel. You may have beams that are exposed by a ceiling lift, or you can add faux beams to get the same look.
  • Coffered ceilings: A coffered ceiling is similar to a tray ceiling in that some portions are higher than others. However, in this style, portions are raised in a grid-like pattern, leaving beams in between the raised, square areas. These straight lines give the room a modern feel.

There are many reasons to consider ceiling lifts when doing any remodeling. Whatever your reason, speak to a professional to get it done right.